AIFN (The General Incorporated Association of International Foods and Nutrition) is a trade organization of the dietary/food supplements, acting from global perspective.

We contribute to the sound development of dietary/food supplements market in Japan making consumer satisfaction and reassurance of safety in a primary concern.
We exchange opinions frequently with U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Embassy and ACCJ (American Chamber of Commerce in Japan), and has made joint proposals to Japanese Government.
Furthermore, AIFN announced collaborative partnership with CRN-US (Council for Responsible Nutrition) and NPA (Natural Products Association), and has started supportive activities for deregulation of the market and realization of fundamental law of dietary/food supplements.
Press release 2008
Association Report 2008


1999    Founded as “NNFA Japan”.
2009    Name changed to “The Association of International Foods and Nutrition”.
2011    Registered as a general incorporated association. Name changed to “The General Incorporated Association of International Foods and Nutrition”.

Mission Statement

AIFN and its members are committed to pursuing a sound development of the dietary/food supplements market in Japan that is built on consumer satisfaction and quality assurance for products. We fulfill this mission by a commitment to:

  1. We will exert every effort to ensure the Japanese consumers fully enjoy the benefits of good health including encouragement of legislation aimed at establishing a socially appropriate definition of “dietary/food supplements” that is consistent with the global definition.
  2. We will conduct proactive activities to provide Japanese consumers efficacious and safe dietary/food supplements products as well as pertinent facts and information about these products that is accurate and easy-to-understand.
  3. We will endeavor to make advances in Japan’s dietary/food supplements market by working closely with domestic and overseas government and industry organizations thereby establishing more harmonious global initiatives for Dietary Supplements and Health Foods.
  4. We will support member companies by providing current facts and information on the conditions of the domestic and international dietary/food supplements market to facilitate and support our members’ business activities.
  5. We will assist in training for employees of the member companies by providing seminar and workshop services organized by AIFN.
  6. We will promote understanding of dietary/food supplements among Japanese consumers by implementing various public relations activities to raise the profile of AIFN and to make as a much of a wider audience aware of our daily activities as possible.
  7. We will membership to any dietary/food supplements retailer, manufacturer or related company who are receptive to our Mission Statement and are willing to conduct business in compliance with our Code of Ethics.

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Representative Office

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